Item: SCP-513
항목: SCP-513

Tissue Test Record:
조직 실험 기록:
해당 없음.

Termination Test Record:
제거 실험 기록:
1/22/██, 1500: SCP-682 temporarily incapacitated via incineration and transferred to a video monitored soundproof containment chamber.
1/22/██, 1500: SCP-682가 소각을 통해 일시적으로 비활성화된 뒤 비디오 모니터링되는 방음 격리실로 이송된다.

1/22/██, 1600: SCP-513 introduced to room affixed to robotic arm.
1/22/██, 1600: SCP-513이 로봇 팔이 장착된 방으로 안내되었다.

1/22/██, 1630: SCP-682 regenerates fully.
1/22/██, 1630: SCP-682가 완전히 회복된다.

1/22/██, 1635: SCP-513 is rung three times via robotic arm, after the first ring, SCP-682 howls and covers its 'ears' (due to the difference of anatomy and lack of visible ears, it can be safely assumed that the motion of covering the sides of its head accomplishes this).
1/22/██, 1635: SCP-513이 로봇 팔을 통해 세 번 울린다. 첫 번째로 종이 울린 뒤, SCP-682가 울부짖고 자신의 '귀'(해부학적 차이와 눈에 띄는 귀의 부재로 인해, 머리 양측을 가림으로서 이를 수행한다)를 가린다.

1/22/██, 1636: SCP-513 and robotic arm retracted from test chamber and returned to containment.
1/22/██, 1636: SCP-513과 로봇 팔이 실험실에서 빼내져 재격리된다.

1/22/██, 1640: SCP-682 uncovers its 'ears' and begins pacing the test chamber.
1/22/██, 1640: SCP-682가 자신의 '귀'에서 발을 치우고 실험실 안을 돌아다닌다.

1/23/██, 1640: SCP-682 continues pacing.
1/23/██, 1640: SCP-682가 돌아다니기를 계속한다.

1/24/██, 1640: SCP-682 continues pacing.
1/24/██, 1640: SCP-682가 돌아다니기를 계속한다.

1/25/██, 1640: SCP-682 continues pacing.
1/25/██, 1640: SCP-682가 돌아다니기를 계속한다.

1/26/██, 1640: Mass amounts of aerosolized sedatives and tranquilizers introduced to containment chamber via ventilation.
1/26/██, 1640: 다량의 에어로졸화된 진정제와 신경 안정제가 격리실에 분사된다.

1/26/██, 1645: SCP-682 loses consciousness.
1/26/██, 1645: SCP-682가 의식을 잃는다.

1/26/██, 1646: SCP-682 begins sleepwalking.
1/26/██, 1646: SCP-682가 몽중보행을 시작한다.

1/26/██, 1647: SCP-682 breaches containment. Hallucinations of a pale, thin, large clawed entity resembling SCP-682 stalking the containment site were reportedly experienced by all present site personnel. Security footage shows no such entity on site. Due to mass hysteria, security teams were unable to reestablish containment of SCP-682 and are seen on footage firing repeatedly at walls before being dismembered by thin air.
1/26/██, 1647: SCP-682가 격리를 파기한다. 모든 기지 인원이 SCP-682를 연상시키는 창백하고 말랐으며 거대한 발톱이 있는 존재의 환각들이 격리 기지를 돌아다닌다고 보고한다. 보안 영상은 기지에 그러한 개체가 없음을 보인다. 심각한 히스테리로 인해, 보안 팀들은 SCP-682의 격리를 재개하는 데 실패했으며 보안 영상에서 벽에 반복적으로 총질을 하다 두꺼운 공기 같은 것에 묵사발이 남이 보여진다.

1/26/██, 1800: Mobile Task Force Eta-10 ("See No Evil") is deployed, equipped with HUD video enabled enclosed helmets. SCP-682 is located in SCP-513’s containment cell, still unconscious, curled around SCP-513’s gelatin containment cube.
1/26/██, 1800: 기동특무부대 에타-10("비례물시")가 HUD 비디오가 장착된 폐쇄 헬멧을 장착한 채 배치된다. SCP-682는 SCP-513의 격리실에 있으며, 아직 의식이 없는 채 SCP-513의 젤라틴 격리 큐브 주위로 똬리를 틀고 있다.

1/26/██, 1830: SCP-682 returned to containment and awoken via high pressure HCl spray. SCP-682 complains that it was having a ‘such a lovely dream’.
1/26/██, 1830: SCP-682가 재격리되어 고압의 염산 분사를 맞고 깨어난다. SCP-682가 '매우 사랑스러운 꿈'을 꾸었음을 호소한다.

Persistent monitoring and separate testing of both SCP-513 and SCP-682 since the experiment has shown no lasting effects on either object.
지속적 모니터링과 SCP-513과 SCP-682에 대한 본 실험 이후 각각의 실험 결과는 양측에 상대의 영향이 남지 않았음을 보인다.

Post testing observation: Based on what appeared to be an initial adverse reaction from SCP-682, we don’t know if the entity incorporated SCP-513 to itself, or if it worked the other way around. Either way, in light of the loss of 67% of site staff and 45% of site D-class, requesting that cognitohazardous item testing for SCP-682 be suspended until we understand just what the hell happened here. - Dr. Kerboros.
사후 관찰 기록: SCP-682의 거부 반

Approved, O5-4

Item: SCP-2140

Tissue Test Record: N/A; Approved by O5 Command

Termination Test Record:

SCP-682 should be prevented from making marks, symbols, or writing of any kind.

Item: SCP-2935

Tissue Test Record: N/A

Termination Test Record:

During exploration of SCP-2935, MTF E-13 discovered SCP-682 within temporary containment at Site-81. Upon further investigation, entity showed no signs of life.

Note: Due to the nature of SCP-2935, it is unlikely or impossible that this result can be replicated. This does, however, answer the question that other alternate realities have not been able to. What it means for ours is uncertain. -Dr. Harrison, Site-81

Item: Proposal to transport SCP-682 to an orbital asset, then activate SCP-1012.

Tissue Test Record:
Denied by O5-██

Termination Test Record:
Testing denied by O5-██

Notes: Once more, with feeling. There are three possible outcomes of this test. Case 1, it works. Case 2, you've just given 682 its own spacecraft. Case 3, the spacecraft isn't as insulated from Earth as we hope, and 1012 takes us out too. Denied.

Item: SCP-2337
항목: SCP-2337

Tissue Test Record: SCP-2337 was informed that the SCP-682 tissue sample was a tone-deaf food critic who needed to hear a convincing argument as to which food item is the greatest in existence. After a 10-minute speech from SCP-2337 on the superiority of gummy worms, the tissue sample had been disintegrated from the resulting sonic shockwaves. SCP-2337 appeared highly pleased with itself.
조직 실험 기록: SCP-2337에게 해당 SCP-682 조직 표본이 음치 음식평론가이며 현존하는 식품 중에서 어떤 것이 최고인지 납득할 만한 주장을 듣고 싶어한다고 알렸다. SCP-2337은 10분 동안 지렁이 모양 젤리가 얼마나 우월한지 일장연설을 늘어놓았으며, 표본 조직은 연설으로 발생한 음속 충격파에 분해되었다. SCP-2337은 매우 뿌듯해하는 반응을 보였다.

Termination Test Record: After being told that SCP-682 was a "prominent anti-gummy-worms extremist", SCP-2337 emulated the sound of a charge trumpet and entered SCP-682's chamber.
제거 실험 기록: SCP-2337에게 SCP-682가 "주요 지렁이젤리 과격 반대론자"라고 알리자, SCP-2337은 돌격 신호 트럼펫의 소리를 따라하더니 SCP-682의 격리실로 들어갔다.

<Begin Log>
<기록 시작>

SCP-2337: Noble turkey stance! Fist of the eleventeen thousand war cushions! It are the cackening! Damn the tornados, siss boom cack!
SCP-2337: 고매한 맹꽁이맘 가짐일세! 십십일천 전쟁쿠션에 주먹받으라! 깨액어진 뉘기여! 미뢰 따우 무시해라, 시스붐깨액!

SCP-682: Leave.
SCP-682: 나가.

SCP-2337: Gooten idea-have. Cack!
SCP-2337: 좋이진 생각가지이오. 깨액!

[SCP-2337 demolishes the Southern blast door to SCP-682's chamber with a vocal shockwave, then exits, once again appearing highly pleased with itself. Containment breach of SCP-682 averted after minimal fatalities of containment staff.]
[SCP-2337이 충격파를 내여 SCP-682의 격리실 남쪽의 방폭문을 파괴하고 방을 나간다. 이번에도 매우 뿌듯해하는 반응을 보였다. SCP-682의 격리 실패는 격리 담당 직원의 사망자 수를 가장 적게 내면서 방지할 수 있었다.]

<End Log>
<기록 종료>

Item: SCP-682 instance transplanted from alternate dimension

Tissue Test Record:
Denied by O5-██

Termination Test Record:
Testing denied by O5-██

Notes: A potentially permanent stalemate between instances would solve containment, however, transporting an instance to our dimension would be unnecessarily dangerous, not even to speak of containing another one, or the consequences of if they chose to co-operate. Denied.

Item: ●●|●●●●●|●●|●

Tissue Test Record: Tissue taken without incident

Termination Test Record: SCP-682 was restrained in chamber 145-B and the laser was introduced. Laser began cutting into SCP-682's back; command room emergency shutter was closed.

<Begin Log>

<9 seconds> SCP-682: What are you doing?

<13 seconds> Laser begins carving infohazardous data onto SCP-682's hide, SCP-682 emits a loud roar

<14 seconds> command room emergency shutter closes

<124 seconds> Laser finishes cutting

<126 seconds> ●●|●●●●●|●●|● manifests

<132 seconds> SCP-682 breaks restraints

<134 seconds> ●●|●●●●●|●●|● latches onto SCP-682

<135 seconds> SCP-682 begins vocalizing

<136 seconds> ●●|●●●●●|●●|● demanifests, taking with it only the section of SCP-682's skin which was carved with infohazardous data. Test aborted.

<End Log>

Item: Dr. Heikkila

Tissue Test Record:
Denied by O5-██

Termination Test Record:
Testing denied by O5-██

Notes: Dr. Heikkila is prohibited from interacting with SCP-682 in any possible way. Why he would even attempt to do so is beyond any logical reason. Dr. Heikkila has been detained for possible memetic contamination. Denied.

Item: SCP-2305-A

Tissue Test Record: N/A

Termination Test Record: An SCP-2305-A instance generated involving SCP-682, and has been transcribed here by order of O5-██.

Item #: SCP-682

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: OPERATION FAIL-SAFE-TANGA-34 would be enacted upon successful removal of approximately 90% of SCP-682's body mass, while incapacitated in a space shuttle that has been set to land on the Moon. OPERATION FAIL-SAFE-TANGA-34 consists of the following procedures:

1): 20,200,500,000 RDS-220 hydrogen bombs and 750 SCP-2195-1 instances will be transported to the Moon, spread out across the surface. It will be detonated with 10 separate inputs at Site-19. Materials for bombs would be generated from SCP-2400 and collected stillbirths for SCP-2195-1 instances.

2): 300 Tilda/Cimmerian Reality Vacuum Attachments have been attached in an hexagonal pattern on the Moon, with approximately 35 km of space between each one. TCRVAs will maintain the explosions occurring on the Moon to prevent any debris from hitting Earth.

3): Area-0-TANGA has been constructed 4,000 km into the Earth and currently houses a large spheroid approximately the size of the Moon, constructed from SCP-2400 materials. SCP-1056 will be used to lower the size of the spheroid for easier transportation.

4): Amnestics would be administered to approximately 80% of the human population after detonation through use of a modified RED TALISMAN algorithm to produce non-lethal cognitive hazardous amnestics. Amnestics will be applied to every source of common media, such as newspapers, television, billboards and several popular internet sites.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Once the weakened SCP-682 arrived at the Moon's surface, all explosives were detonated. The TCRVAs successfully dampen most of the explosion, causing approximately 150 large meteorites to land on Earth. Spheroid was successfully transported to the Moon's orbit field and grown to its original size. Amnestics were successfully administered to approximately 78% of the Human population. However, 0.03 milliliters of blood belonging to SCP-682 survived the termination attempt, and adapted from it. SCP-682 grows to approximately the size of Saturn, and proceeds to destroy and eat multiple planets within the Solar System.

"The moral of the story:" This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a chomp. But for reals, don't fuck with the gecko. >:(

Item: SCP-241

NOTE: Further testing of SCP-241 was required to determine if its anomalous properties allowed it to be used against SCP-682. Skin tissue was removed from D-class personnel D-682-39, with the tissue then being wrapped around one end of a short steel rod. D-682-40 used the rod to open SCP-241, manipulating such that only the skin tissue touched SCP-241. SCP-241 displayed different recipes than when it was previously opened. D-682-40 prepared one of the recipes, which was then eaten by both D-682-39 and D-682-40. D-682-39 died of anaphylactic shock six minutes later, while D-682-40 showed no ill effects.

SCP-241 was deemed suitable for use against SCP-682.

Tissue Test Record: N/A

Termination Test Record: SCP-682 tissue sample was affixed to end of a steel rod, and the rod was used by D-682-40 to open SCP-241. SCP-241 showed different recipes than the previous time it was opened. Of the 99 recipes, three were in unknown languages, two were incomprehensible "word salad", and one was a memetic kill agent. Of the remaining 93 recipes, 100% had at least one instruction or ingredient which made it impossible to follow the recipe with complete faithfulness. Examples include:

  • "Chill to -10,000F° before serving."
  • "Garnish with antimatter parsley."
  • "Marinate for 900 trillion years."

D-682-41 was tasked with cooking the 93 usable recipes, using SCP-241 plus a "correction sheet" (written by Dr. █████) which replaced impossible ingredients and instructions with the closest feasible analogue, with the results being delivered to SCP-682 containment cell upon completion. SCP-682 has shown no ill effects after having eaten all 93 meals.

Item: SCP-2578-D

NOTE: Test was conducted independent of the Foundation by SCP-2578-D. Secondary designation as a termination test has been given to Incident-2578-682-1.

Tissue Test Record: N/A

Termination Test Record: During a routine maintenance check of SCP-682's containment enclosure, SCP-682 sustained five cranial penetration wounds in rapid succession and remained unresponsive for a period of roughly 32 minutes. Upon recovery, SCP-682 yelled "FUCK YOU AND ALL THREE OF YOUR MOONS" toward the ceiling. Five minutes afterward, Dr. Naismith received the following instance of SCP-2578-B on his personal email account:

[three-crescent symbol] has failed. [three-crescent symbol] is greatly embarrassed, and regrets the continued existence of your unpleasant lizard. Orders were orders. And for the record, [three-crescent symbol] didn't miss.

Item: SCP-2617

Tissue Test Record:
Not attacked by SCP-2617-A instance.

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 was released in the abandoned village of █████████, Russia via airlift, and proceeded to attack the village. Coordinates were set to correspond with SCP-682's position, thus generating up to █,███ SCP-2617-A instances holding ███ unique variants of SCP-2617-B. SCP-2617-A instances attack SCP-682, destroying up to 45% of its body mass.

Five hours after the beginning of termination test, SCP-682 released a series of radio waves. SCP-2617-C dissipated, and all SCP-2617-A and SCP-2617-B instances underwent spontaneous sublimation. Personnel supervising the termination test were also exposed to the radio waves. Interviews with these personnel suggest that they are unable to recognise the concept of Russia.

Item: SCP-169

Tissue Test Record:
Denied by O5-██

Termination Test Record:
Denied by O5-██

No can do. I can understand how you might think that tracking down 169, then making it consume 682 would work, but it's survived and adapted to everything else we've tried. If it survives being eaten by 169, and, God forbid, grows as big as it, humanity would be screwed beyond belief. Denied.

Item: SCP-939-██ and SCP-939-███

Tissue Test Record:
Not attacked by SCP-939-██ nor SCP-939-███

Termination Test Record:
SCP-939-██ and SCP-939-███ both entered the containment cell for SCP-682. SCP-939-██ and SCP-939-███ were seemingly distressed and refused to attack SCP-682, while repeating a call for help. SCP-682 then attacked the two, devouring them after roughly and brutaly mutilating the bodies of both subjects.

Notes: SCP-939 and SCP-682 don't match well. I guess we will not be using them anytime soon. Don't release the beasts again.

Item: SCP-012

Tissue Test Record:
Overridden by O5-Command

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 was heavily sedated before SCP-012's container was lowered into SCP-682's containment cell. SCP-012's container was opened via remote-control. SCP-682 seemed to be under SCP-012's effects, as it began to claw at itself in an attempt to draw blood, which seemed ineffective. After several minutes, SCP-682's left forearm, back left leg, and approximately 32% of the mass of its main body had been removed before SCP-682 realized the composition could not be completed. SCP-682 then entered a rage state and breached containment, causing ██ casualties before SCP-682 could be recontained.

Notes: I was really hoping we could get SCP-682 to commit suicide with this. -Dr. ████

Item: SCP-173 with a photograph of SCP-096 attached to it

Tissue Test Record: N/A

Termination Test Record: Denied by O5-██

Notes: No. Absolutely not. Setting aside the problem of SCP-682, and SCP-173 that cannot be observed for fear of triggering a response from SCP-096 is a self-perpetuating catastrophe that the Foundation does not, under any reasonable circumstances, have the slightest desire to unleash. Denied with vehemence.

Item: SCP-372.

Tissue Test Record: N/A

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 introduced to testing chamber under heavy sedation. SCP-372 introduced to testing chamber. SCP-682 woke up and proceeded to wander the testing chamber, apparently confused. Approximately 10 minutes into the test, SCP-682 expressed sudden distress, implying it had become aware of SCP-372's presence. Exactly 5 minutes later deep lacerations and cuts appeared on SCP-682, eventually reducing 25% of its body mass. SCP-682 emitted loud distressed bellows and started to randomly attack the air in any direction, apparently trying to defend itself against SCP-372. Six minutes after, while still being attacked, SCP-682 is seen to make contact with SCP-372 via its tail, seeming to knock out SCP-372. SCP-682 proceeded to approach SCP-372, before being heavily sedated to prevent the likely loss of SCP-372.

Notes: Well, at least we know what that thing looks like now…

Item: SCP-1437

Tissue Test Record: Tissue was dropped in without problem

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 was subdued and brought to Area-██, which was the area SCP-1437 is at. When dropped down SCP-1437, SCP-682 did not come back up, assuming 682 was presumed terminated. However, 2 hours and 12 minutes later, SCP-682 flew out of the hole at 40-50 miles per hour. Subject then started rampaging through the site. Mobile Task Force Nu-7 (Hammer Down), was called in to subdue SCP-682

Notes: Whoever put in this test in my name is going to be seriously reprimanded! You could've just asked before dropping a fucking unkillable lizard down a hole!- Dr. Church