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Dr. Wondertainment Is Cleaning Up Its Image:
원터테인먼트 박사가 이미지를 깨끗히 하고 있습니다

This isn't 100% about Dr. Wondertainment, which may come as a surprise. Certainly that's the Foundation (ha ha) of everything here, but it's not really the full picture. But let's start there.
놀랍게도, 이것은 100% 원더테인먼트 박사에 관한 이야기는 아닙니다. 물론 여기 있는 모든 것들이 원더테인먼트 박사를 기반으로 만들어지기는 했지만(하하…), 그게 전부는 아니죠. 그렇지만 여기서 시작해 봅시다.

This canon is mainly set in the anomalous city of Wonder World!™, which does indeed exist on earth as an extradimensional space somewhere in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Wonder World!™ is host, of course, to the company of Dr. Wondertainment, and to a large population (I mean, think medium sized city) of magical, Wondrous people. The culture is built on childlike innocence, willing naivety, whimsy, and a deep appreciation for the goodness that can be found in each and every person.
이 카논의 주 배경은 변칙적인 도시 원더 월드!™에 기반하고 있습니다. 지구 어딘가에 물론 존재하며, 미국의 메사추세츠주의 보스턴에 위치한 여분차원 내에 있습니다. 물론 원더 월드!™는 원더테인먼트 박사를 비롯해 많은 (중형 도시의 시민 정도의) 마법적이고 흥미로운 사람들을 대접하고 있습니다. 이곳의 문화는 모두의 마음속에 잠들어 있는 아이같은 순수함, 기꺼운 순진함, 변덕스러움, 그리고 사람의 선함에 대한 감사 위에서 발전되어 왔습니다.

But of course, nothing's perfect.
물론, 모든게 완벽할 수는 없죠.

What a Wonderful World is not about ignoring the dark, disturbing, horribly effed up world that is the Foundationverse. It's about finding reasons to be happy and pushing through in spite of that. One person may look at a Wonder World!™ denizen and call them "in denial". Another may call them "optimistic". It all depends on interpretation.
이 놀라운 원더풀 월드는 어둠을 무시하는 이야기가 아닙니다. 혼란스럽고 끔찍한 세상을 마주하는 것을 헤드카논으로 삼고 있습니다. 행복해야 할 이유를 찾고 악의를 헤쳐나가는 이야기입니다. 누군가는 원더 월드!™ 의 거주민들을 보고는 "부정적이다"고 할지도 모릅니다. 다른 누군가는 "낙관적이다"고 할 수도 있지요. 모든 것은 결국 해석에 달려 있습니다.

Some key points about this canon's Dr. Wondertainment:

  • The goal of the company is, truly, to make child's lives more magical.
  • If there is anything shady going on at Wondertainment, it is under the nose of upper management.
  • Dr. Wondertainment is a title. Each Dr. Wondertainment chooses the next Dr. Wondertainment, with the approval of a committee made of the heads of all departments. The title itself may or may not have some magical effect on the bearer.
  • Dr. Wondertainment has multiple departments. The most famous of which is the Toy Creation Department, but there are also notably the Sweets & Consumables Department, the Construction Department, the Public & Human Relations Department, etc.. All of which have cutesy names, such as the employees of the Sweets & Consumables Department being called Candy Catalysts.
  • Dr. Wondertainment was founded in 1909 by Chester Williams (the original Dr. Wondertainment) and Maria Herring (the original Toy Tinker). The first store was in Boston, and was called Dr. Wondertainment's World of Whimsy.
  • The Misters are handled very differently.

이 카논에서의 원터테인먼트 박사에 대한 몇가지 핵심 요소:

  • 이 회사의 목표는 아이들의 삶을 더 신비롭게 만드는 것입니다. 추호의 거짓도 없이요.
  • 만약 원더테인먼트에 무엇인가 수상쩍은 일이 일어나고 있다면, 분명히 상급자가 그 일을 알고 있을 겁니다.
  • 원터테인먼트 박사는 직함입니다. 각 부서장들이 모인 위원회에서 승인을 받으며, 매 원터테인먼트 박사는 다음 원터테인먼트 박사를 선별합니다. 직함 그 자체가 각 박사에게 마법적인 영향을 끼칠 수도 있으며 아닐 수도 있습니다.
  • 원터테인먼트 박사는 다수의 부서를 소유합니다. 이 중 가장 유명한 부서를 꼽는다면 장난감 제작부이지만, 당류 & 식품부, 구조부, 공공 & 인적 관계부와 그 외 부서들 또한 잘 알려져 있습니다. 이 모든 부서들은 귀여운 이름 또한 가지고 있습니다. 예를 들어, 당류 & 식품부의 직원들은 사탕촉매라고 불리웁니다.
  • 원터테인먼트 박사는 1909년 체스터 윌리엄즈(초대 원터테인먼트 박사)와 마리아 헤어링(초대 장난감 땜장이)에 의해 설립되었습니다. 보스턴에 위치한 첫번째 가게의 이름은 원터테인먼트 박사의 기발한 세상 입니다.

That's about all the information I am willing to fit into this introduction. If you're really hoping to write for the canon, or get a good understanding of it, then I would simply recommend you to read some of the articles available. Oh, and speaking of "read some of the articles", below are some good intro articles for people wishing to write for What a Wonderful World. If you have any questions or just want to chat with the authors, you can catch us at #wonderworld over on IRC.
제가 도입부에 끼워 넣고 싶던 정보는 이정도가 다 인듯 합니다. 만약에 여러분이 이 카논에 글을 쓰고 싶으시거나 더 나은 이해를 하고 싶으시다면, 제가 할 추천은 그저 주어진 문서중 몇개를 읽어보라는 것입니다. 아, "문서중 몇개를 읽어보라"고 말씀드린 김에, 이 놀라운 원더풀 월드 카논에 문서를 작성하고 싶으신 분들에게는 아래의 있는 문서들이 좋은 소개글이 될 수 있을것입니다. 만약 질문이 있으시거나 작가들과 이야기하고 싶으시다면, IRS에서 #wonderworld로 찾아와 주세요.

Enjoy the canon!
카논을 즐기시길!

"Recommended Reading"
"추천 문서"

And I Think To Myself... by DarkStuff
"And I Think To Myself… is 10,000 words worth of crafted Wonder World!™ worldbuilding. If you have a question on how a part of the world works, and you haven't read this, read this and see if you have that question afterwards. Be wary! Using the navigation at the bottom will put you smack in the middle of the Vend-a-Friend story, and you will likely be lost unless you've already read the series."
그리고 내가 생각하기로는... by DarkStuff
"그리고 내가 생각하기로는… 은 10,000 단어만큼의 가치를 지닌 만들어진 원더 월드!™ 의 세계 건설입니다.
City of Wonder™ by DrChandra
"City of Wonder™ is another author's more concise image of Wonder World!™, and thus another good look at the setting of the canon. While And I Think To Myself… is based on a local's perspective of Wonder World!™, City of Wonder™ is focused on an outsider's perspective, which may be equally useful for writing the canon / deeper reading."
Wonder World Dossier by Uncle Nicolini
"Wonder World Dossier is a summation of Wonder World!™ through the eyes of the Foundation. If you were ever curious as to what exactly the Foundation knows about Wonder World!™, its culture, and the inner workings of the company, look no further."

An Origin Story:

Below is the origin story for Wonder World!™. At the time of writing, no tales have been written about this origin story, but I feel it best to specify so that people writing for What a Wonderful World can make sure not to interfere with the origin story. For any interested, here's where the canon came from:

"The Story of Chester Williams & Maria Herring"

  • Chester Williams is the original Dr. Wondertainment. He is a non-anomalous thirty-two-year-old black man in Boston in 1909 when he founds Dr. Wondertainment (as Dr. Wondertainment's World of Whimsy).
  • Maria Herring is a magical woman who quickly joins Dr. Wondertainment and makes the first actually magic stuff. Chester remains the face of the company, but Maria is what helps makes it special.
  • The shop exists in a little back alley because it's the only place that Chester could ever afford, but as its magical nature becomes (somewhat) known, business actually picks up. Strangely enough, it's not usually children asking for stuff.
  • Place slowly grows, and at some point, they get approached and warned that "magic stuff doesn't last long when it gets big, you need to figure out how to keep low". Eventually, this leads to an extradimensional real estate agent selling them a space that they can put in the back of their shop. This starts as an expansion of the store, and then it becomes a place that people can take a Way to, which becomes more popular of a way to meet them than finding them in Boston (where they hope to lay low, they change their name and everything).
  • This extradimensional space eventually, over a long time, expands, and becomes Wonder World. This happens as they make bunks for people they recruit as toymakers, and eventually, they get powerful enough to expand the space themselves. It becomes a haven for Dr. Wondertainment employees, and eventually just weird (and Wondrous) people who wish to hold onto their childhood innocence before the world shoved them into the hell that is being anomalous against the GOC and SCP.

What a Wonderful World Proper:

The Chester Era (1909-1975, 0th-66th Wonder Years)

01. The Workshop ~~ by RockTeethMothEyes & Uncle Nicolini

The Cornelius Era (1976-1998, 67th-89th Wonder Years)

01. Take-A-Wish ~~ by Uncle Nicolini & DarkStuff
02. Cornelius the Collector ~~ by DarkStuff
03. X-Men Syndrome ~~ by Shaggydredlocks
05. What do you want to be when you grow up? ~~ by Uncle Nicolini
04. When It Rains, It Pours ~~ by Captain Kirby
05. I Don't Get It, But I'll Figure It Out. ~~ by Uncle Nicolini

The Holly Era (1999-2040, 90th-131st Wonder Years)

The Vend-a-Friend Series ~~ by DarkStuff
01. We Just Make Toys
02. To Think I've Spent My Whole Life Waiting
03. I Don't Get It, I Functioned Before
04. You Can't Win Them All
05. Be Strange or Be Forgotten
06. Sometimes the Best Intentions are in Need of Redemption
07. Life's a Show
08. ...And I'm the Star!
09. Back in Habit
10. Pepper's Lament
11. Souls & Somas
12. Deceptive Cadence
13. And I Think To Myself... (technically set in the Cornelius era)
14. Everything Will Be Okay
15. Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining

01. Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All? ~~ by Elogee FishTruck
02. Wonder World Dossier ~~ by Uncle Nicolini
03. City of Wonder™ ~~ by DrChandra
04. Musical Jolly Ape™ by Dr. Wondertainment ~~ by Uncle Nicolini
05. Nobody's Observations on Temporal Displacement, Family, and Waffles ~~ by HotColes & DrAnnoyingDog
06. Choco-Wonder Explosion Marshmallow Bites!™ by Dr. Wondertainment ~~ by DarkStuff & Uncle Nicolini
07. We're All Mad Here ~~ by DrChandra
08. Phoenix à La Mode ~~ by RockTeethMothEyes & Uncle Nicolini

The Judy Era (2041-20??, 132nd-???th Wonder Years)
01. The Word of the Day is Hope ~~ by DarkStuff
02. The Really Really Real Adventures in Capitalism ~~ by DarkStuff

The ??? Era (????-????, ???th-???th Wonder Years)

The Wonderful Wonderful Series ~~ by MaliceAforethought
01. Old Business

If there are any articles tagged with this canon that aren't on this list for whatever reason (either by mistake or because of some other more esoteric drama), then below is a self-updating list of all articles tagged with "wonderful-world".

Some Honorable Mentions:

Somatic Backups by DrChandra
"Mentions characters from Vend-a-Friend, but paints MC&D in a direction contrary to the What a Wonderful World MC&D."
A Simple Toymaker by Jim North
"Intentionally exists in no canons, but makes mention of Wonder World!™ and Vend-a-Friend."
Judy "the Tongue" Papill & Dr. Holly L. Wondertainment by katlovesshrimp (small NSFW warning)

A Special Short Message About Canon Crossing:

The Dread & Circuses canon and this canon do not perfectly coexist. Some of the articles do cross over into the other canon. However! Only articles tagged with "wonderful-world" are canon here. You can imagine that Icky and Manny exist, that Iris Dark exists, that Icky and Manny took over the Circus from an overbearing Herman Fuller, but how Marshall, Carter & Dark work may be different, the Group of Interest relationships are likely to be revised, etc.. Assume that everything tagged "dread&circuses" works within that canon, and everything tagged "wonderful-world" works within this canon, and there will be overlap, but they are not the same.

And, yes, this rule extends to all canon crossovers, which will most certainly happen later.