제18기지의 변화
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[[size 0%]]☦Site-18 refit to house overflow of Safe objects.☦[[/size]]
[[size 0%]]☦제18기지가 넘쳐나는 안전 등급 물체를 수용할 수 있도록 개장하다.☦[[/size]]

July 28th, 1976 - Disinformation Site-18
1976년 7월 28일 - 제18역정보기지

“Good evening Mr. Mayreder.” Sanders spoke in tired tones as she walked into the fat, balding man’s office. “How are you? How was your day?”
“좋은 저녁입니다 메이레더Mayreder 씨.” 뚱뚱한 대머리 남자의 사무실로 들어서며 샌더스Sanders가 지친 목소리로 말했다. “어떤가요? 오늘 하루는 어떠셨죠?”

“Oh, fine, just as any other. The day was good too,” mumbled Mayreder as he craned over, manipulating some dominoes on the edge of his desk.
“아, 좋았어요. 평소대로죠. 좋은 하루였어요.” 메이레더는 목을 길게 빼며 책상 끝부분에 도미노 몇 개를 놓으면서 웅얼거렸다.

Sanders edged her way past stacks of papers littering the floor in the dusty office. “What are you doing?”
샌더스는 먼지투성이 사무실 바닥에 늘어놓인 종이 더미 사이로 조심스레 걸어갔다. “뭐하고 계신 건가요?”

“Just contemplating the containment procedures for the new object we’ve been assigned. Did you know SCP-1463 has over one hundred pages in its containment procedures file? Two hundred! 8 point font!” Mayreder settled back in his straining chair after placing the last domino on the metallic, tarnished table.
“그냥 새로 배정받은 물체의 격리 절차를 생각하고 있었습니다. SCP-1463 격리 절차 파일이 100쪽이 넘어가는 거 알고 계셨나요? 200쪽이에요! 8포인트 글자로요!” 메이레더는 더러운 철제 책상 위에 마지막 도미노를 올려놓고는 다 쓰러져가는 의자에 기대어 앉았다.

“That’s… very interesting,” said Sanders, adjusting the bun on her ponytail.
“그것 참…흥미롭네요.” 샌더스가 포니테일의 쪽을 정돈하며 말했다.

“Oh, yes, right, how was your day?” asked Mayreder. The question was offhanded at best. Mayreder reached under his desk and pulled out a large, spiral bound sheet of papers.
“아, 맞다, 맞아. 당신은 어땠나요?” 메이레더가 물었다. 아주 퉁명스러운 질문이었다. 메이레더는 책상 아래로 손을 뻗어 스프링 제본 된 큼직한 종이 뭉치를 꺼내었다.

Sanders let out a deep sigh. “Fine, I just performed observational duties. Very uneventful, not very colorful.”
샌더스는 깊은 한숨을 내뱉었다. “괜찮았어요. 이제 막 감시 업무를 했고요. 아무 일도 없었고, 흥미진진하지도 않고요.”

“Outstanding. Why don’t you have a seat? Do you have any other place to be? No you don’t.” Mayreder grunted as he began flipping through the pages.
“잘됐네요. 앉으시죠? 달리 갈 곳이 있으신가요? 없으실텐데.” 메이레더는 종이를 넘기면서 앓는 소리를 내었다.

“No I do-… Your book is upside-down.”
“아뇨 저-… 그거 거꾸로에요.”

“Ah, I see why they have you on observation duty!” interjected Mayreder while he continued to flip through the pages as they were. Sanders offered a funeral stare in his direction.
“아, 감시 업무를 맡으시는 이유가 다 있네요!” 메이레더는 그대로 종이를 계속 넘기며 끼어들었다. 샌더스는 그를 향해 울적한 시선을 보냈다.

She eyed the domino pattern on the table. It was a nautiluses’ spiral, beginning at the edge of the otherwise spotless desk and terminating at the center. She knew where the end point was, because Mayreder had always placed a red domino at the center. She hated that she remembered this.
샌더스는 책상 위에 놓인 도미노를 보았다. 앵무조개 껍데기의 나선 모양으로 세워져 있었다. 아무 것도 없던 책상의 한쪽 끝에서 시작해 책상 한가운데에서 끝이 났다. 메이레더가 빨간 도미노를 가운데에 놓았기에 샌더스는 끝 부분을 알 수 있었다. 이런 걸 기억하고 있다는 게 싫었다.

“Sir, may I ask you why you do this every so often.” Her tone was snippy, barely professional. Mayreder gave her a puzzled stare from out over his book. Sanders had to remember to count to ten. “…the dominos,” she clarified.
“저, 왜 매번 이런걸 하는지 물어봐도 될까요.” 버릇없는 데다가 전문적이지도 않은 어투였다. 메이레더는 책 너머로 어리둥절한 시선을 보내왔다. 샌더스는 마음을 가라앉히는 것을 잊지 않았다. “…도미노 말이에요.” 그는 더 명확하게 말하였다.

Mayreder raised his eyebrows and placed his gaze back at the un-righted containment procedures manual. “I get bored. I enjoy setting them up - how neat they look. Very pretty.”
메이레더는 눈썹을 치켜올리고는 시선을 다시 거꾸로 든 격리 절차 매뉴얼로 돌렸다. “지루하니까요. 도미노 세우는 걸 좋아합니다. 깔끔한 모습도 그렇고요. 참 예쁘잖아요.”

“I’ve never seen you knock them down before,” offered Sanders after a good one minute of silence. It was uncomfortable; the atmosphere in this wing was poor due to the fact that most of the power had been routed to the newly housed SCP’s air filtration system. She didn’t really care about Mayreder’s dominoes, but she would be sitting here for a half hour wasting time in this stuffy office regardless.
“한 번도 쓰러뜨리는 걸 본 적이 없는 것 같은데요.” 일 분 정도 조용히 있다가 샌더스가 말하였다. 불편했다. 전력이 대부분 새로 보관하게 된 SCP의 공기 정화 시스템으로 돌려져있어 이 동의 공기는 탁했다. 메이레더의 도미노는 아무래도 좋았으나, 어쨌거나 이 답답한 사무실에 앉아 30분을 허비해야 했다.

Mayreder began again, tilting his nose slightly; “I wipe them up when I’m finished admiring them, and then place them back in their box.”
메이레더는 코를 살짝 젖히며 말을 계속했다. “

Sanders let out a snort. Mayreder looked back at her with a serious mug. His reaction caused her to crack up.

“What’s so funny?”

Sanders wiped her nose and righted herself on her chair. “Nothing, nothing I was just thinking of something silly.”

Mayreder paused for a few moments before speaking, began to say something, then stopped. “You can leave now. I need to memorize these finer points.”

Sanders nodded, a small grin detectable on her face, and left the room wordlessly.

Mayreder put his book down lightly and studied the nautilus pattern on his desk.

Sanders forgot about Mayreder and thought about the refit of the facility as she rounded the corner in the hallway. Site-18 was originally used as a Disinformation facility, or the Foundation’s docu-serve as many people liked to call it. Sanders worked under Mayreder as a proofreader, Mayreder simply handled the projects and packaged the media given to him. The documents were then sent to the Site Director for approval, and, if they were improper, they were sent back down again.

The Foundation didn’t like moving personnel to different facilities if they didn’t have to. Mayreder, Sanders, and two of their colleagues were retrained in the space of three weeks in the Special Containment Procedures for the object now located in their wing. Two freshly recruited researchers also joined their ranks.

Containment for these objects wasn’t complicated; most of the intensive work was saved for actual researchers. Most of the training consisted of memorizing routines and very droll evenings of watching an object through a monitor.

The contents of the media rooms of Site-18 were moved to a smaller facility, and refit to contain Safe objects. The contents of the Document Archive were also shipped off somewhere else, and this room was refit as an anomalous artifact warehouse. The labyrinth of lockers currently held roughly five hundred objects. Luckily Sanders didn’t have to deal with them, and they didn’t need much done - after some bureaucratic hoopla, individual items would be sent to Cold Storage to be indefinitely forgotten.

She could understand the refit. The new warehouse was already half full, and the area that was housed with these trinkets was packed tight as if they were expecting more. There was no shortage of new parcels every week. She wondered to herself how the Foundation managed to pay their rent every month.

She shrugged it off. Staring at some weird thing every day from 9 to 5 was a lot less stressful than editing a mountain of expense reports and newspaper editorials. Other than having to deal with Mayreder, her job was easy, the changes were welcome.

In his office, Mayreder rested a fat finger lightly on the edge of the domino track. Each domino was perfectly spaced two fingers apart. There were seventy dominoes in this set. Each domino was faceless, and fashioned from ivory. Each weighed sixty grams. His father gave the dominoes to him two years ago.

Knocking the first one off to see what happened to the rest was a temptation. The fact that he had never done it was ridiculous; some sort of superstition had prevented him from doing so. His life was dominated by paranoid obsessions, which made him a good fit for the job. This habit of compulsive carefulness had caused month old piles of revised documents to form in middens around his office, and his worry for synergy a permanent annoyance to the people who answered to him.

Mayreder’s ruminations were interrupted by a sudden itch on his scalp. He stamped a foot down in an awkward hop on as his finger slipped. He watched with some perturbed distress as the chain of pieces began to fall.

Sanders could hear the faint machine-gun clicking of ivory down the hall as she punched in her key code and retired to her room for the night.

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