표준 꿈 보고서 66-Y 990.1
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Document 990-03:
문서 990-03:
Dr. ██████████ reported a manifestation of SCP-990 during a dream occurring seventeen hours ago. Per emergency orders distributed to all personnel regarding possible data on SCP-001, Dr. ██████████ filed the following report and forwarded it on to the Director of Site-17. The report was subsequently transmitted to Overwatch Command.
██████████ 박사가 열일곱 시간 전에 꾸던 꿈에서 SCP-990가 등장하였음을 알려왔다. SCP-001의 정보에 대해 모든 인원에게 내려진 비상 명령에 따라, ██████████ 박사는 아래의 보고서를 작성하여 제17기지 이사관에게로 전달하였다. 보고서는 이후 감독관 사령부로 전송하였다.

양식 66-Y - 표준 꿈 보고서

Personnel: Dr. ██████████
인원: ██████████ 박사

Estimated Degree of Recall: 60%
기억 추정치: 60%

Anomalous Entity Present?: Y
변칙 존재 여부: Y

Likelihood of Actionable Intelligence: HIGH
행동 가능한 지성 여부:

Description: SCP-990 is dressed in the same suit, looking the same as ever. I recognize him immediately. He's the clearest element in any dream he visits. His face changes a lot from dream to dream, but this time it's changing from one moment to the next. I attribute it to the high stress of the past couple days.
설명: SCP-990은 언제나의 옷차림이며, 언제나와 같은 모습이다. 그를 보자마자 알아본다. 그는 방문하는 꿈마다 가장 또렷하게 기억나는 요소이다. 꿈마다 얼굴은 자주 바뀌지만, 이번에는 매순간마다 바뀐다. 지난 며칠간 받은 많은 스트레스 때문이라 본다.

He tells me he's going to show me some things. I feel apprehension, and I wonder what burnt out ruin he's going to show me, because that has to be what this is about, right? Our time has come and this is going to be what awaits us. I try to wake up, but I can't do it. And it feels like I'm sitting at the bottom of a pool, and I can't will myself to go to the surface. I don't think I've felt panic like that in a dream before.
그는 내게 뭔갈 보여줄 것이라 말한다. 나는 불안감을 느끼며, 어떤 폐허를 보여줄 것인지 궁금해한다. 그가 꺼내는 말은 그런 내용일 수 밖에 없으니까, 안 그런가? 우리의 시간은 끝을 향해 왔으며 이게 그 끝에서 기다리고 있는 것이다. 난 깨어나려 하지만, 그럴 수 없다. 마치 수영장 바닥에 앉아있는데 내 의지로 수면 위까지 올라갈 수는 없는 느낌이다. 꿈 속에서 그처럼 겁에 질린 적이 없다.

990 shakes his head. I can't tell if it's him keeping me here or if it's the dream itself. We've never been able to figure out what kind of control he has. He says, I'm going to guide you, ██████. But I need something of you first. And he points at my left hand.
990이 고개를 내젓는다. 날 꿈 속에 가두고 있는 것이 990인지 아니면 꿈 그 자체인지 알 수 없다. 990에게 어떤 통제력이 있는지는 한 번도 밝혀낸 적이 없다. 그가 말한다. 난 자네를 인도할 것이라네, ██████. 그렇지만 그 전에 뭔가가 필요하지. 그러고는 내 왼손을 가리킨다.

It's a dream, right? Even with all of the things we've encountered in this field, I've never seen anyone harmed in that way. I hold out my hand. 990 nods at me, and he takes something out of his coat. It looks like a blade of some kind, it's got a sharp edge at least. Not a knife. More like something from a lawn mower, or some piece of industrial machinery. Before I have time to ask what's going on, he's brought the blade down through my wrist, lightning fast. I look at my hand, terrified, and I'm sure that it's going to fall off, and blood is going to start spraying any second.
이건 꿈이잖는가? 이 분야에서 수많은 것들과 맞닥뜨렸지만, 꿈 속에서 해를 입는 건 본 적이 없다. 난 손을 뻗는다. 990은 내게 고개를 끄덕여보이고는, 외투 안에서 뭔가를 꺼내든다. 일단은 가장자리가 날카로우니 일종의 날 같다. 칼은 아니다. 잔디 깎는 기계의 날이나 뭔가 산업 장비에서 꺼낸 것 같다. 도대체 무슨 일이냐 물어보기도 전에, 990은 재빨리 날을 내 손목에 쑤셔박는다. 난 겁에 질려 내 손을 보며, 손목이 떨어져 나가며 금방이라도 피가 사방에 흩뿌려질 거라 확신한다.

But nothing happens.
하지만 아무 일도 없다.

I stare in shock for a few seconds. The pain is real, but I'm afraid to move my arm because my hand is going to fall off if I do. 990 looks sympathetic, and he tells me that I can move my hand, it's fine. Then he says that we're out of reach of 001 now, and we can talk.

I wiggle my fingers, and they work like they should, but my hand is numb. The feeling is disconcerting. Yet the sensation of panic from earlier is gone. Things feel more like normal now. Except for my hand.

He looks at me. He's got my face now. I get the impression that I am someone else now. Feels like a woman, but I'm not certain. Identity shifts a little as we talk. He tells me that he can give me three revelations before 001 finds him again.

Suddenly we're sitting outside, in the night air, under the stars. There are nine moons in the sky. Varying sizes and phases. I'm in a child's body. He's still me.

He speaks. Holding up one finger. You are not in your proper place, he says. I ask him what that means. Me, personally? The Foundation? Mankind? He ignores me.

He raises a second finger. O5-2 is absolutely correct, and she is disastrously wrong. The reference to specific Foundation personnel is unnerving. I start to speak, but I can tell he's not going to listen.

The third finger, the third revelation. He leans in close to me. This is the trickiest one, he tells me. He asks me to commit this one to memory above all others, and so I have for this report. This is the last thing he said to me before I woke up.

The primary mover behind what you know as SCP-001, above all other things, is love.

That was when I awoke at my work station.