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Welcome to the GOC format template! This is meant to be a very dynamic format, consisting of a collection of records on your SCP (or more appropriately, your Threat Entities) from the various departments and organizations that make up the GOC. Due to this: the below sections can either be expanded upon or excised entirely at your discretion, depending on the nature of the story you want to tell.

필수 독서:

It would probably be a good idea to read through this before starting, to familiarize yourself with the structure of the GOC. Go here to get an idea of naming conventions used in Threat Entity documents. (Honestly, you should read all the supplemental though.)

The articles are broken down by the individual branches of the GOC: PHYSICS, PTOLEMY, and PSYCHE divisions, as well as the standard Threat Entity Database entry. There are several types of documents to get you started, but no one document outside the 'Threat Entity Database' section is critical to the final piece. Also, it should be noted that even the tab order itself is not set in stone. If you think it'll help your pacing to start off with 'PSYCHE Records', and end at 'Threat Entity Database' then so be it.

사건파일 구조:

Cover: This pretty little thing is just an added flair. It's an attempt at immersion, as if the tabbed format as a whole are individual documents can be found within the depicted file.

Threat Entity Database: The GOC equivalent to a standard SCP article.

PTOLEMY Records: Provides operational support to the rest of the organization. This branch includes the Quartermasters Division, Public Relations and Information Concealment, and Research and Development. There are a couple doc formats to get you started.

PSYCHE Records: The diplomatic branch of the GOC. Special Observers may be the first to document an emerging para-threat. May also include testimony from Ambassadors or paranormal liaisons and their interactions with the anomalous community. Internal docs from the various Member Orgs (e.g: letters, memos, occult requests and proposals) can also find their home in this section.

PHYSICS Records: PHYSICS is the GOC's action arm. This would be the place to have reports, exploration logs and debriefings from agents in the field. ]

위협 존재 데이터베이스 항목

위협 식별문구:

[ 여기에 위협 지정번호/식별자를 쓰세요 ]"


# [ 여기에 위협의 규모를 쓰세요 ]

[ 위협존재에 대한 간략한 설명 ]

[ 작품의 방향에 따라 둘 중 하나를 고르세요. ]

(이 선^은 각 부서의 보고서를 구분하는데 쓰입니다.)

프시케PSYCHE 기록

초위협 조사

Special Observer:


Parathreat Evidence:

Suggested Response/Requests:

프톨레미PTOLEMY 기록

AOD (Armaments Used in Destruction) Report Template.

Quartermasters Division-AOD
Item Designation Title Qty
1 ID# Name Amount
2 ID# Name Amount
3 ID# Name Amount
4 ID# Name Amount
5 ID# Name Amount
6 ID# Name Amount
7 ID# Name Amount

[ Basic Memo Setup ]
Sender X Recipient Y
Subject Z
[ Basic memo body]


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:

Filing Operative:

Mission (Location/Objective):

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:


Personnel Condition:


Recorded Interview Log:

Interviewer: Name
Interviewed: Name

Preamble: Foreword explaining circumstances