카에스틴의 창고


Item #: SCP-3577

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Surrounding SCP-3577, provisional site-12 is currently built. The biggest threat to the containment is a rupture or a burst of SCP-3577-B, so Department of Astrophysics is working on possible threat scenarios. The scenarios suggest two options. One is to transport SCP-3577-A to a near site and shut down SCP-3577 (“Burst Option”), and the other is to observe and record the changes that happen to SCP-3577-B until it ruptures (“Rupture Option”).

Description: SCP-3577 refers to a research facility located in the basement of a private home in Somers Town, London. This basement itself was built in early 1900s, but most of the other facilities including SCP-3577-A are built by Marry S. Godwin (1973~), a biomedical engineer, astronomer, and physicist. In this facility there are three main abnormal properties, each designated as SCP-3577-A, SCP-3577-B, and SCP-3577-C.

SCP-3577-A is a machinery system 18 meters long, composed of parts whose functions are unidentified. Judging from the appearance, researchers presumed it was made by altering a telescope. Object lenses are replaced by a machine in the shape of a light machine gun, able to fire a sort of laser beam. It is yet unidentified how this beam is made inside SCP-3577-A.
In an early-stage of the research, Foundation researchers struggled as they keep failed to identify the functions or mechanisms of SCP-3577-A. However, they revealed how to activate and use it thanks to research notes of Marry S. Godwin agents discovered when searching the basement. If its laser beam is released with the exit part fixed on a certain object, the size of the object can be reduced by maximum 1/250, while its form and functions remain the same. For example, the object 10 meters long can be reduced to 4cm long. Foundation researchers successfully reduced a space shuttle scale model from 4 to 1.6cm, and a SD rat from 8cm to 0.32mm without any side effects. Its counter-process is yet currently under development.

SCP-3577-B is a male human, 188cm tall and weighs 81kg, alive in persistent vegetative state with significant pressure ulcers. Fingerprint recognition confirmed that SCP-3577-B is Percy B. Godwin (1974~), husband of Marry S. Godwin. The most noticeable feature is that his abdomen is cut open from the uvula to the top of his pelvis. Foundation initial response team was apprehensive about contagion and bleeding when first entered SCP-3577, but found that there is no intestines in his abdomen, which they found was filled with something else. Visual examination and endoscope identified that esophagus and respiratory tract are not connected to any organs, and all parts of his abdominal regions are covered with opaque membrane-like substances. It is not yet identified how SCP-3577-B can be alive without the functioning circulatory system and vital organs including the heart.

The exact size of this space is unknown, but supposedly it occupies the entire abdominal region of SCP-3577-B. The membrane in SCP-3577-B has a hole which measures 4.5cm in diameter, allowing visual inspection. Under this membrane, there exists small-scale extradimension. Through inspection using endoscope and microscope, this space was found to be a micro-cosmos, with its form identical to our universe 4 billion years ago. In this universe, there are multiple astronomical objects including four planets, SCP-3577-C, and thousands of asteroids. Considering the fact that the size of these objects vary from a few millimeters to centimeters, this universe seems to be a closed system inside SCP-3577-B, not an interdimensional aperture to another universe. The body temperature of SCP-3577-B suggests that heat energy coming from SCP-3577-C or other stars stay in this universe.
This universe is governed by physical principles same to our universe’s. However, there is no future visibility limit like our universe, as it is enveloped by the membrane and SCP-3577-B.

During examination of medical records of London, the Foundation found Percy Godwin’s 2003 A&E records, and found them relevant to the manifestation of his abnormal properties. A&E video records were recovered and retrieved. (See log VL/SCP-3577/bP below)

Foundation reviewed emergency room charts and operative notes of this hospital. Doctors back then acknowledged little black space on the abdomen from X-Ray, but regarded it as some kind of machine failure. However, based on remarks of Marry Godwin and other records, Department of Astrophysics proposed a hypothesis that on this day, inside the abdomen of SCP-3577-B, there was an extra-small scale Big Bang. While this hypothesis is convincing, it still does not explain why the massive energy of the explosion did not tear Percy Godwin’s body to pieces.

If this hypothesis is accurate, micro-cosmos inside SCP-3577-B first existed as a singularity and started to expand with mini Big Bang in 2003. The speed of the expansion is so fast that it only took 13~14 years for it to be current state, while it took 9 billion years for our universe.1 If the speed of expansion remains the same, approximately after 33 years the expansion of this space will cause the Big Rip or the rupture of SCP-3577-B. Containment procedures are modified to assess possible scenarios.
Moreover, following the expansion, organs continue to be substituted by the membrane-like substances, and the existence of ectoentropy seems to accelerate this process. Therefore, all experiments which include insertion of instruments such as an endoscope are suspended for now.

With this micro-cosmos, the Foundation actively carries out various cosmological research including dark energy, dark matter, and cosmic microwave background radiation. As it is also expected that the absolute fate of the universe such as Big Rip or Big Crunch can be observed, the scientific value of SCP-3577-B is extremely high, despite the risk of containment breach. (Applicants for SCP-3577-B research team must include a résumé, a copy of doctoral dissertation, a list of publications and conference papers downloaded from Scopus, and a research plan. All documents should be submitted to provisional site-12 by Foundation mail.)

Meanwhile, the formation of a planetary system in this universe is also very interesting. There are four planets, two of which are jovian, and the others terrestrial. They all revolve around SCP-3577-C. SCP-3577-C seems to be a probe approximately 6cm in length, and emits light like a fixed star in our universe. Its appearance is similar with Apollo Command/Service Module, and two robotic arms are installed on the side. Multiple photovoltaic cells attached absorb the light from a surgical light system that hangs from the ceiling, causing SCP-3577-C to release energy like a small star.

SCP-3577-C is built by Marry S. Godwin. It seems that she recognized the anomaly of her husband in 2003. Shortly after that, she resigned from the university and made SCP-3577, using anomalous objects or confidential research she stole from the university.

Judging from this diary, Marry S. Godwin somehow built or obtained the probe and reduced it using SCP-3577-A, for her to go inside the micro-cosmos. Current state of SCP-3577-B suggests that her exploration and mission failed. While the precise reason is unknown, the gravity of other fixed stars and system failure fixed SCP-3577-C to the current location.

In the early stage of research, Foundation noticed that one of the planets possesses the earth-like atmosphere, and collected a piece of that planet with a tweezer. Analysis showed that organisms including Chloroplast, Eukaryota, and fungus exist in this planet. Some of them use oxygen in their metabolism, and considering that oxygen catastrophe did not happen in this planet, some bacteria or microorganism on SCP-3577-C seems to have affected the evolution in this planet. Despite this influence, researchers predicted that the extreme speed of this evolution will lead to the emergence of mammals different from modern humans. Some even predicted that they will have organs like gills and fills due to the high sea level of this planet. Therefore, the biological value of SCP-3577-C is also extremely high, and it is actively discussed and studied.

Addendum SCP-3577-1: 2016년 In an electromechanical experiment conducted in provisionalsite-12, Foundation received a unidentified message. It was found to be sent from SCP-3577-C.

Mayday, mayday… I’m in the basement at [REDACTED]. Help me. Do not call the police. Read my diary in the basement, you’ll know what’s going on. My name is Marry S. Godwin, I wrote that note. I’m inside the small probe I reduced. Get it out, fix it in front of the canon, set it to [DATA EXPUNGED], and release the laser. The probe will return to its original size, so be careful when you do it. Please, help me.

Analysis showed that if SCP-3577-C is out of the system, it will collapse due to the disappearance of a fixed star, and this universe will become more unstable due to the reduced gravity. Senior staffs and administrators concluded that the scientific value is the first priority. Sent message states that DSTL and MOD secured this basement, and the probe has to be there to treat your husband, and surgery will be done soon. After 9 days, Foundation received another message.

Thank you, Thank you… The taste of space ration makes me miss British foods. :) I’ve lost my sense of time, but I’ll hold out pretty long as long as I preserve it. But please hurry! Before I forget the taste of steak and salmon for good.

It is strictly forbidden to answer to further messages from SCP-3577-C. The speed of the expansion and the evolution suggests that intelligent life will emerge approximately after 5 years, and more advanced beings after 6 years. After 33 years from now, the Big Rip is thought to tear apart all matters in this universe including SCP-3577-C, all stars, and even atoms. This prediction assumes that these speeds remain same, but it is possible that the process gets faster. It is administrators’ decision that SCP-3577 research team run for 20 years from now, and be offered full support for maximum results. It includes putting in private scholars if necessary.