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Item#: 4362
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4362 is to be stored in a high-value inanimate-item cell at Site-19. SCP-4362 shall be contained in opaque containers when not in use. The test of SCP-4362 requires a security clearance of Level 3 or higher. The experiment shall be accompanied by at least two assistant personals, all process of the test shall be remotely supervised by a closed circuit camera. During testing and management, all personnel in charge are required to wear special masks and goggles. In addition, in any case, the use of SCP-4362 for human bodies is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-4362 is a bronze mass that weighs about 300 grams. It appears to have been cast around the 24th century B.C., but no signs of corrosion or damage were found.

The anomaly of SCP-4362 acts on all kinds of animals, including humans. If an animal observes SCP-4362 with its naked eye, the animal immediately becomes overwhelmed with a strong urge to swallow SCP-4362. This effect is permanent unless SCP-4362 is removed from view or actually succeeded in ingesting SCP-4362.

If non-human animals take SCP-4362, SCP-4362 humanizes the animal. After 8 hours of intake, the whole thinking system and cognitive function develop at the same level as human beings, and after 14 hours, the body starts to transform as human beings while attempting human behavior, such as speech and biped walking. After 19 hours of intake, the human form is completely structural and physiologically complete, and after 21 hours, the entire process of humanization is completed. Fully humanized animals(SCP-4362-1) emit SCP-4362 through vomiting.

If humans take SCP-4362, [DATA EXPUNGED]. For these risks, the object class was designated as the Euclid class, which was raised one class from the initial stage.

During the course of the deformation, it was possible to force SCP-4362 out of the body, and it took approximately twice the amount of time it took to return to its original condition. Previous memory and propensity, and some external features, such as color of body hair, and scars, were similarly preserved after the deformation. If the original sex of SCP-4362-1 is male, it has been feminized with a significantly higher probability of 86% or more.

Recovery: SCP-4362 was discovered in a village in Gangwon-do, South Korea. At that time, the trend among villagers was that transforming livestock or wild animals into humans, especially women, through SCP-4362 to offer sacrifices to the guardian deity or make marriage partners. It has been confirmed that SCP-4362 was a relic from the early days of Gojoseon Period. The Foundation secured SCP-4362 and dispose of all villages and residents.

Addendum 4362-a: The SCP-4362-1 objects were generally found to be intelligent, gentle, physically superior and mentally resistant. There is a vigorous debate on whether to educate and hire the SCP-4362-1 objects to Foundation staffs.

Addendum 4362-b: Public Notice


Recently, there have been continuous reports that some people are abusing SCP-4362 for non-business purposes. We know it's very interesting to make a loving pet human, but there are some complicated and practical problems.

The use of SCP-4362 for subjects other than designated laboratory animals will be prohibited, and severe penalties will be given if they violate them.

SCP objects are subject to contain, not to using conveniently like it's their own. As an excellent employee of the Foundation, we hope them to have at least minimum awareness.

—Site-19 Director