기동특무부대 프시-7 "주택 개조" 허브
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기동특무부대 Ψ-7

공식 지정명: 구조물적 변칙개체 격리 퇴역 부대

활동 상태: 현재 활성화

충성: 남유럽 격리 중역회

일반 정보


재단에 근무하기 이전의 프랭클린 스미스 사령관.

설립: 1954년 12월 20일

원 지휘 요원: 프랭클린 스미스

본부: 제77기지 막사, 유럽연합 이탈리아 남부 라퀼라현

역할: 변칙적 구조물 및 인공 생활공간의 색출 및 확보, 격리 실행 가능성의 판단, 필요하다 판단될 경우 퇴역 절차 시행.

규모: 장교 16명, 요원 150명, 특수요원 20명

별명: "주택 개조"

기동특무부대 프시-7의 간략한 임무 기록


프시-7이 성공적인 격리 작전을 연습하고 있다.

SCP-031 - SCP-031의 영향을 받은 사람들로 차있던 호텔 구조물을 프시-7 요원들이 정리 및 확보했다. 영향 받은 사람들은 저항이 일반적이었지만, 사상자는 발생하지 않았고 작전은 성공적이었다.

SCP-1837 - [편집됨] 단체가 제77기지를 공격했다. 대부분의 프시-7 요원들은 다른 장소에서 근무했기 때문에, 현장 보안대가 최초 대응했다. 격리 파기 이후, SCP-1837의 부식성 액체의 효과가 침입자들에게 여러 사상자를 초래했다. 프시-7은 소탕 작전을 수행했고 현장 보안대를 복원했다.

SCP-2975 - CK급 현실개변 의식의 개시 이후 프시-7이 철거했다. ██/██/████에 변칙성이 무효화 되었다고 여겨진다.

SCP-2215 - 혼돈의 반란이 연계된 시설을 습격해서 2215 변칙 존재를 회수했고, 다른 몇몇 안전등급 객체들도 회수했다. 해당 요주의 단체와 연계된 몇몇 개인들은 구금했다.

SCP-2311 - 변칙개체의 부모 대상자가 수제 폭발 장치를 써서 해당 변칙개체를 파괴하려 시도한 후, 프시-7 요원들이 해당 건물 및 변칙개체를 확보했으나, 부모 대상자는 연기 흡입으로 사망했다. 사후 보고서를 열람하기 위해서는 2311/3 인가가 필요하다.

SCP-2849 - 요원들은 변칙개체의 초기 격리를 지원했다. 고문들은 또한 제64기지에서 적절한 절차들의 제정에 관한 사용 지침들을 개발했다.

SCP-2891 - Psi-7 agents participated in the initial discovery and containment of the anomaly, after action report can be found in the containment document.

SCP-3030 - Former Site-56 facility was overtaken by anomalous phenomenon, assisted Mobile Task Force Mu-4 until Epsilon-11 was able to fully enact the present containment procedures. Casualties from this engagement can be found in [REDACTED].

SCP-3776 - Commander Agent Ekblad detained and interviewed a subject affected by the anomaly. Structure the individual inhabited is scheduled for possible demolition.

SCP-3999 - [DATA EXPUNGED]. Bodies are to be disposed of by approved Ethics Committee channels.

진행 중인 업무들의 간략한 기록

SCP-574 - Any structures not currently being preserved for research are to be demolished by Psi-7 agents, under the cover story of ongoing explosive testing by a local corporation. Residents attempting to aggressively pursue noise complaints are to be issued Class-C amnestics.

SCP-2379 - Algorithms recognizing keywords frequently used to describe SCP-2379 infestations by civilians have been placed in major search engines to alert Foundation agents of possible infestation sites. These sites are to be dismantled and decontaminated by members of MTF-Psi-7 "Home Improvement".

SCP-2407 - Research personnel affiliated with Psi-7 are currently studying facilities and evidence connected with the unexplained portions of the phenomenon connected with the Foundation. This research is ongoing.

SCP-2426 - When new instances are discovered, agents are to be dispatched to prevent civilian access and enact the containment procedures. Psi-7 agents may be selected if the infestation reaches the employment stage, although any qualifying agent may be selected for the assignment.

SCP-2490 - Tracking and obtaining anomalous objects connected or created by the former Insurgency operative now designated as SCP-2490. Recovered objects are stored and logged in the Foundation Center for Neurological Disease (Site-44A).

SCP-3050 Mobile Task Force Psi-7 agents are on standby in the event of any possible containment breaches or incursions by civilians or law enforcement agents. Authorized to take measures necessary to restore containment.

SCP-3571 - Anomalous earthworms which affect human-inhabited structures, current procedure is to demolish afflicted buildings. Cover stories and propaganda is to be issued by Psi-7 agents and written by Foundation information controllers based in Site-66.

직원 정보


Theodore Anderson, Official Portrait.

Site-77 Liaison: Asst. Director of Security Theodore Anderson

Task Force Commander: Calvin Ekblad

Ceremony Chief: Scott Harpur

Command Sergeant Major: Nicholas Bjugstad

Commander of Intelligence Operations: Marjorie Holt

Commander of Field Operations: Leon Ledford

Commander of Engineering Operations: Connor Bathory

Commander of Disinformation: Vivian Morodecci

Commander of Supply&Resources: Alejandra Cavallero

Commander of Ballistic Operations: Chuck Jefferson

Commander of Intra-personal Affairs: Rolf Vogel

Commander of Applied Intelligence: Michael Niedringhaus

Commander of Aquatic Operations: Hanna Dam

Commander of Forensic Architecture: Dr. Giles Mathys

Commander of Secure Containment: Samuel Walker

Chief of Foreign Affairs: Michael Castellano

Chief of Medical Affairs: Amelie Zelinka

Ranking Field Agent: Liz Boyd

Linguistics Special Agent: Joseph Lanning

Architectural Inspection Agent: Fiere Mekonap

Ranged Explosive Special Agent: Tony Atkinson

On-Staff Psychologist: Dr. Blaire Roth

Task Force Personnel Breakdown:

16 Officers, 150 Agents, 20 Special Agents

    Officer Corps: 16

    Field Agents: 150

    Special Agents: 20

     Explosive Experts: 10

     Architectural Specialists: 5

     Thaumaturgical Specialists: 5

    Supporting Personnel: 22

    Other Personnel: 17

Weapon Image Caliber Annotations
25×40 mm Grenade launcher compatible with standard ammunition and a variety of other grenades like armour piercing, shape charge, incendiary, kinetic penetrator, gyrojet-variants, etc. Classified as a heavy weapon and therefore rarely used in fluid field operations. Equipped with a high capacity drum magazine, fires in semi-automatic fashion.
Flamethrower FLW70 [DATA REDACTED] Various nozzles The Flamethrower FLW70 is being produced by the Foundation in Germany. Can be used with gaseous, liquid and pasty fuels. With a range of grips and cases, it is available in pistol- or rifle form and as secondary weapon for mechanical powered armor at an individual or squadron level.
Laser projector Series LP-X
Various lenses Ø32 mm The laser projectors of the series LP-X are weapon-grade lasers developed by the Foundation. By the use of several combinable lenses, resonators, energy storages, grips and attachments, the weapon can be adapted to every situation. The standard variant is only the size of a submachine gun with an extendable shaft. Because of the missing terminal ballistics, it is only partly usable against organic targets. It is also available mounted weapon for assault rifles, vehicle armament and as secondary weapon in line with the FLW70.
R.T.I. Hammer-P1
None Anomalous weapon from Raptor Tec. Industries. Initially ordered by the Foundation, classification as an SCP object has been delayed by request of Commander Ekblad.

Vehicle Image Armament Annotations
152 mm, 20 mm autocannon, 2×7.62 mm MG U.S.-German prototype from the 1960th. After the program was cancelled in favour of the Leopard 2 and the Abrams, the Foundation bought most prototypes. Upgraded on multiple occasions though not able to compete with modern tanks in direct confrontation.
105 mm, 7.62 mm MG Prototype of a Weapon Carrier with external oscillating cannon based on the Marder fighting vehicle. Originally developed for the Bundeswehr for testing oscillating turrets, then sold to the Foundation and reproduced as light tank in limited numbers.

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