Scp 3344
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Director's Note: To whoever keeps adding this gibberish to the database: we will eventually figure out how to prevent you from doing this. You're wasting your time, and it's not funny.
이사관의 주석: 이 헛소리를 자꾸 데이터베이스에 추가하는 인간들에게: 언젠가는 당신네들 찾아내서 못하게 할 겁니다. 시간낭비인데다가, 재밌지도 않아요.

Item #: SCP-3344
일련번호: SCP-3344

Object Class: Safe or Euclid I guess. Let's go with Euclid since I'm not sure.
등급: 안전 아니면 유클리드 일듯. 확실하지는 않으니까 유클리드라 하자.

Special Containment Procedures: Unnecessary because subject itself is likely not contagious, but the symptom of something else. SCP-3344 can just sleep in whatever is available in Site 24; unused bunk rooms, empty quarters, floors, wherever. It's not going anywhere anytime soon, so consider it self-contained.
특수 격리 절차: 대상 자체는 전염성이 없으므로 필요하지 않지만, 다른 것의 증상은 그러함. SCP-3344는 제24기지 아무데서나 잘 수 있다. 사용하지 않는 수면실이나 빈 숙소, 바닥이든 아무데나. 갑자기 사라진다던가 할 건 아니니까 자가격리된 상태라고 하자고.

Description: SCP-3344 is a caucasian humanoid male, 36 years of age. Subject's main anomalous effect seems to be that everyone that has ever had direct contact with its father believes him to be dead, and will not interact with it in any meaningful way. Subject is unable to interact with these people physically, and changes he makes to the environment around them go completely unnoticed. Persons who believe subject to be deceased have a fairly consistent view of the circumstances surrounding its supposed death, which apparently was a car accident caused by the subject driving under the influence of alcohol. It should be noted that the subject does not regularly imbibe alcohol, and has never actually driven drunk before.
설명: SCP-3344는 나이 36세의 백인 남성 인간형이다. 대상의 주된 변칙적 현상은 대상의 아버지와 한 번이라도 직접 접촉한 적이 있는 사람이라면 누구나 대상이 사망하였다고 생각하게 되며, 그 어떤 의미있는 방법으로도 상호작용하려 하지 않는 것으로 보인다. 대상은 그러한 사람들과 물리적으로 상호작용할 수 없으며, 대상이 주변 환경에 일으키는 변화를 알아보지 못한다. 대상이 사망하였다고 여기는 이들은 그의 사망 정황에 대해 상당히 일관적인 견해를 가지며, 대상이 술에 취한 채 운전을 하다가 교통사고를 일으켜 사망하였다 말한다. 대상이 보통 알코올을 섭취하지 않으며, 이전까지 한 번도 음주운전을 한 적이 없다는 점에 주의해야 한다.

Though it is not clear what anomaly caused SCP-3344's anomalous effects, the date that it occurred was likely sometime in September of 2008. It is believed the full effect of the unknown catalyst was not reached until November of 2008. It is hypothesized that the memory effects first originated in the subject's father, and spread out to those closest to him geographically, affecting the majority of his co-workers at his job.
SCP-3344의 변칙적 효과를 유발한 변칙존재가 무엇인지는 밝혀지지 않았으나, 그 시점은 2008년 11월 즈음이다. 확인되지 않은 기폭제의 효과가 2008년 11월 전까지는 최고조에 다다르지 않았다 생각된다. 기억 효과가 처음에는 대상의 아버지에게서부터 시작되었다가, 거리적으로 가까운 사람들로 퍼져나가 직장 동료 대다수까지 영향을 미친 것으로 추측된다.

On April 26, 2015, SCP-3344 infiltrated Site 241. Attempts by the subject to inform non-affected Foundation staff of his situation were fruitless, as their investigations usually led to contact with the subject's father, and subsequently putting them under the same effects. Any documentation they made was either deleted or went completely unnoticed. Most non-affected individuals were low level employees, with no access to means of shielding themselves from the effects. Those who did attempt to avoid the effects through use of higher level technology or other SCP artifacts, failed.
2015년 4월 26일에 SCP-3344가 제24기지에 침투하였다2. 대상이 영향받지 않은 재단 직원들에게 본인의 상황에 대해 알렸으나, 직원들이 조사 중에 대상의 아버지와 접촉하게 되어 결과적으로 같은 영향을 받게 되어 별 소용이 없었다. 직원들이 작성한 문서는 삭제되거나 완벽하게 묻히게 되었다. 영향받지 않은 인원의 대부분은 낮은 등급의 직원들이며, 이 효과로부터 자신을 보호할 방법이 없는 이들이다. 더 높은 등급의 기술이나 다른 SCP를 사용해 이 효과를 회피하려는 이들은 실패했다.

Addendum 1: Okay, that's the best I could do to try and add myself to the database. I can't really write that clinical shit, and I'm over it at this point. It's been 8 years since my wife and kids, and all my other family members started treating me like a ghost. Hell, a ghost would probably get more acknowledgement. They remember a funeral that never took place. They remember non-existent speeches at a non-existent wake while I screamed at them that I was right there. They ignored the people who never knew my dad, who I tried to use to get them to understand what happened. It was gratifying at first to see their confused expressions as my family and friends basically ignored anything they said about me as if they were robots who couldn't interpret the data they were receiving. But it made no difference.
부록 1: 좋아, 이게 나 자신을 데이터베이스에 추가하기 위해서 최선을 다한 결과야. 그닥 냉담한 소리를 지껄이는 것도 잘 못하는 데다가, 이젠 지쳤어. 내 아내와 자식에다가, 다른 가족들까지 전부 날 유령처럼 대하기 시작한지도 이제 8년이야. 젠장, 차라리 유령이었으면 더 주목을 받겠지. 사람들이 한 번도 없었던 장례식에 대해 기억하고 있어. 내가 바로 여기 있다고 소리를 지르는 동안 사람들은 존재한 적 없는 경야에서 한 적 없는 연설에 대해 기억하고 있었다고. 사람들은 한 번도 내 아버지에 대해 알지 못했고, 단지 무슨 일이 있었는지 이해시키기 위해 내가 사용한 이들을 무시했어.

One of my new friends asked me, after he got over his incredulity at the entire messed up situation, why I didn't just move to a new place where no one could possibly know my dad. I could do that, you know, but it would feel not just like giving up on my family, but giving up on myself. They all think I died, but they're the ones who are ghosts. I lost my wife, my three children, my brothers, my sister, my mother, my father, my uncles, my aunts, my grandparents, my cousins, my closest and oldest friends. And it's all because of this place. My dad's work. I can't blame him though. He has no idea, couldn't have known. But the reality for me is that it wouldn't have happened if he worked somewhere normal. Somewhere that didn't have the most disturbing shit behind bars.

It's not his fault, but my investigation has gone completely cold now. His work has brought him into contact with countless…things. People. Other organizations. Any of them could have caused this and there's no way to tell because of the nature of it. It's sort of a self-hiding anomaly, and there's nothing in the documentation with similar effects. And now that he's the director of the site, there's pretty much no one left that's unaffected. I know that I should've just moved on now, but I've come this far and…I just can't let go. I'm sorry. I should, but I'm just not strong enough.

I'm sorry Dad. For your sake, I hope what I'm about to do won't work. But I have to try. You don't deserve this, but neither do I. I want my life back. If it works, I'll take care of Mom. I promise.

I love you.

- Niklas Carver, SCP-3344

Addendum 2: I know you can't read this, or at least you can't really process the information, but I feel compelled to add it anyways. You can try and erase this all you want. I'll put it back every time. Every. Single. Time. Until I'm dead or I'm not just an anomaly anymore. And you can't stop me because at this point I probably have higher clearance than you. I will not be deleted.