Scp 3980
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일련번호: SCP-3980

등급: 케테르(Keter) (임시)

Special Containment Procedures: The former Forward Operating Base Locke has become the de facto containment site for SCP-3980. The above-ground portions of the base have been razed; the subterranean areas have been entombed beneath several thousand tons of concrete and paved over. Physical containment beyond these measures has been deemed unnecessary.
특수 격리 절차: 이전의 전진작전기지 로크(Forward Operating Base Locke) 건물은 실질적으로(de facto) SCP-3980 격리 기지가 되었다. 기지의 지상 부분은 완전히 파괴되었으나, 지하 영역은 수천 톤의 콘크리트로 덮히고 포장되었다. 이 이상의 물리적인 격리 수단은 필요치 않을 것으로 보인다.

All transmissions from FOB Locke are to be disregarded. There were no survivors.
FOB 로크에서 나오는 모든 통신은 무시하라. 생존자는 없다.

Several former personnel from FOB Locke have been detained within Site-51 Site-087 until the perpetrator behind Incident LOCKE/3980 has been identified. Innocent parties may be released if and when this occurs. The guilty party is to be executed; the method of termination has yet to be decided.
사건 LOCKE/3980의 범인이 밝혀질 때까지 이전 FOB 로크 상주 인원들은 제5기지2제087기지에 구금된다. 만약 범인이 밝혀진다면 무죄인 이들은 석방한다. 유죄인 이들은 제거한다. 제거 방식은 아직 정해지지 않았다.

Description: SCP-3980 is an unidentified anomaly responsible for the loss of FOB Locke and the deaths of 107 Foundation personnel on 2/14/2000; this event has been designated Incident LOCKE/3980. Due to its recent acquisition prior to this date, the destructive nature of the event in question, and the loss of physical documentation as well as all hands on-site; its exact nature and properties have yet to be definitively ascertained.
설명: SCP-3980은 2000년 2월 14일에 FOB 로크의 소실과 재단 인원 107명의 사망 원인인, 아직 미확인된 변칙 존재이다. 이 사건은 사건 LOCKE/3980으로 지정되었다. 그 이전에 대상을 회수하였고, 문제의 사건의 파괴적인 특성과 당시 기지 내에 있었던 물리적인 문서가 소실된 것으로 인해, 대상의 분명한 특성과 성격은 아직 명확하게 밝혀지지 않았다.

Currently, all information on SCP-3980 has been gleaned through the first-hand accounts of the personnel who were stationed at FOB Locke and had been off-site at the time of the event. These former personnel suffer mild to severe impairment of their mental faculties and memory, possibly due to previous interaction with SCP-3980. Despite this, all personnel are in agreement that Incident LOCKE/3980 is the result of sabotage on the part of one of their number. Each suspect claims to know who this saboteur is, but are incapable of providing this information when prompted; the suspects are otherwise wholly compliant with their imprisonment.
현재, SCP-3980에 관한 모든 정보는 FOB 로크에 상주하다가 사건이 일어나던 시점에 기지 바깥에 있던 인원들로부터 직접 얻은 것이다. 이런 과거 직원들은 가벼운 정도에서 심각한 정도까지의 지능 및 기억 장애를 겪고 있는데, 이는 이전에 SCP-3980과 상호작용하였기에 그런 것일 수도 있다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 모든 인원들은 입을 모아 사건 LOCKE/3980이 직원 중 일부를 향한 사보타주의 결과라 말하였다. 다들 누가 한 짓인지 알고 있다 주장하나, 누가 한 짓인지 되물으면 대답하지 못한다. 이를 제외하면 다들 구금되는 것에 순응하고 있다.

The following is a summarized list of traits that have been ascribed to SCP-3980 by former FOB Locke personnel. Parentheticals denote sources of each claim:
이하는 이전 FOB 로크 인원들이 묘사한 SCP-3980의 특성이다. 괄호 안은 해당 주장을 한 인물이다.

  • SCP-3980 is either self-replicating (Researcher Bond), self-sustaining (Security Chief Matteus), or possibly ectoentropic (Doctor Walters)
  • SCP-3980은 자가복제적이거나(연구원 본드Bond), 자립적이거나(보안 책임자 마테우스Matteus), 아니면 외부엔트로피적(월터스Walters 박사)일 수 있다
  • There may be as few as five (Doctor Peterson), or as many as ten thousand instances (Private Awde) of SCP-3980
  • SCP-3980은 다섯 개체로 적거나(피터슨Peterson 박사), 일만 개체나 될 수도 있다(오드Awde 이등병)
  • SCP-3980 is infectious, being transmissible between human subjects (Researcher Bond)
  • SCP-3980은 전염성이 있고, 사람 간에 전염될 수 있다(연구원 본드)
  • SCP-3980 is a space-time aberration (Researcher Queste)
  • SCP-3980은 시공간 이상현상이다(연구원
  • SCP-3980 requires either a willful human operator/host (D-774), or conspirator (D-209) to enter an active state
  • SCP-3980 exists in a purely metaphysical sense and is a potent informational hazard - full cognizance of SCP-3980 is sufficient to kill subjects (Director Kim)
  • SCP-3980 is physically uncontainable due to its size of ~100 picometers (Commander Narup), or 1.6 billion kilometers (Doctor Lafayette)

The following interview was conducted on 8/1/2014, at the request of FOB Locke Director Kim, who claimed to have new information on Incident LOCKE/3980

Video File - 3980/#442


[Interviewer is seated in the interrogation chamber. Director Kim is lead in by two armed guards. They are placed in their seat.]

Interviewer: Greetings, Director. How have you been holding up?

[Director Kim responds, assuring the interviewer that their time in custody has been relatively comfortable.]

Interviewer: Excellent, I'm glad to hear that. Now, I've heard there's something you wish to share with us?

[Director Kim explains a recurring dream they have been experiencing as of late. They slouch in their seat.]

Interviewer: I see. That is certainly something, isn't it? W- [Interviewer becomes visibly distracted by the presence of a fly, and swats at it.] Damned things!

Interviewer: Erm, yes. What do you think the significance of this is?

[Director Kim slouches further in their seat, the flesh around their lips can be seen sloughing off. They begin to recount their final day on-site, one day prior to the incident.]

Interviewer: Go on.

[Director Kim details their remembrance of the anomaly to the best of their knowledge. As they do, the interviewer becomes preoccupied with the killing of several more flies. This continues for several minutes. Director Kim shouts animatedly at the interviewer, redirecting their attention. They state three words.]

Interviewer: No. That - that can't…

[The interviewer expires. Security guards enter the chamber, and drag Director Kim back to their quarters.

The interviewer is led to the Site morgue for postmortem examination. Four guards were necessary to restrain him.]