SCP-9193 English 번역본
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Serial Number: SCP-9193

Grade: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-9193 is kept in a standard SCP storage room.

Description: SCP-9193 has a yellow background with gray stripes. The word "Guddle" is engraved, and the year produced as a result of the carbon year measurement appears to be 1978. The first site was found in [REDACTED] in Hamburg, Germany.
SCP-9193 has the ability to move worn objects (under 50) to the other side of the planet. As a result of the experiment, it works even on the moon, not on the earth.

SCP-9193-1 occurs during teleportation, causing simple disease. The fatality rate is low, but the infectivity is very high, so you need to live in isolation. Cured is possible, but no vaccines or antibiotics have been developed. SCP-9193-1 is very deadly to aging. Instead, adolescents have a fatality rate of only 1.0% and adolescents are immune to traces.

When immunized with SCP-9193-1, a humanoid entity, SCP-9193-2, comes. He is 2.1m tall and weighs 41Kg and speaks similar to Arabic. SCP-9193-2 was found to be red pepper powder, spraying something on its mouth. As a result of the investigation, SCP-9193-2 has the nature of 'Psycho Pass', which enjoys suffering to others. The only thing SCP-9193-2 dislikes was found to be 'garlic' , 'SCPs'. In severe cases, it will be [filtered].

SCP-9193-2 was attached to [REDACTED] as a result of affixing GPS and tracking its location. The Foundation is preparing to buy the area and [REDACTED] evacuating its citizens. Currently, the Foundation has dispatched Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Sticking")] for further processing.

*See Addendum 9193-9**.
The ring can be moved alone.


Appendix 9193-1
On August 2, 2012, at 19:16, SCP-9193-2 is to be tested as a Mobile Task Force.
Result: Upon shooting at SCP-9193-2, the subject was used as a barrier. And disappeared.

Appendix 9193-4
January 27, 2013 at 12:18, SCP-9193-2 will be treated with a subject and view the reaction.
Result: SCP-9193-2 arrives, but disappears after a few seconds.

Appendix 9193-5
February 14, 2013 10:40, Kill & Contain SCP-9193-2
Result: Falling with a gunshot wound and bruise. Containment Attempt Result: Containment attempt in the same way as SCP-106. Containment failure.
Attempt to kill with a gunshot wound. failure

Appendix 9193-9
On April 1, 2016, ■ Hours ■ minutes, containment failure of SCP-9396 occurred.
In this situation, the ability to move the ring alone was discovered.
As a result of this, the company was upgraded to Euclid, and the MTF was deployed.

Appendix 9193-10
12/12/2017 13:05, negotiated with SCP-9193-2.
Result: Very good information. Handing out useless information

---------- ---------

> Voice recording 9193-2
[Start recording]
Researcher: Why do you spray red pepper on people's faces?
SCP-9193-2: …..
Researcher: Do you hate people?
SCP-9193-2: هذا صحيح … حاولوا قتلي %*:_=/:
Researcher: Okay. Are you friends?
SCP-9193-2: …..
[Recording end]

---------- ---------

> Voice recording 9193-3
[Start recording]
Researcher: Are you willing to negotiate with us?
SCP-9193-2: (nodding head)
Researcher: Okay. You [REDACTED]
SCP-9193-2: …..
Researcher: This is a file that collects materials that can be provided. We don't need it, so we'll be happy.
[Recording end]