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Site-41: Antimemetics Division Headquarters
제41기지: 항정신자 부서 본부

Elise Dunwall looked at the window on the right side of her screen.
엘리제 던월Elise Dunwall은 스크린 오른편의 창을 본다.

…The "sum" of the symbols is equal to a previously unknown integer (designated Theta Prime by Prof. Hutchinson) of intermediate value between 5 and 6.
…기호들의 "합계"는 (허친슨Hutchinson 교수가 θ'으로 명명한) 이전까지 알려지지 않은 두 정수 5와 6의 중간값이다.

She then looks at the list open in the window on the left side of the screen.
그러고는 스크린 왼편에 열려있는 창을 본다.

  • SCP-001 Awaiting De-classification [Blocked]
  • SCP-001 기밀 해제 대기중 [차단됨]
  • SCP-002
  • SCP-003
  • SCP-004
  • SCP-005
  • SCP-006
  • SCP-007
  • SCP-008
  • SCP-009

She turns to her assistant.
던월은 조수에게로 돌아선다.
"Do you have the timer ready, Liz?"
"타이머 준비해뒀어, 리즈?"

"Yes ma'am," the younger woman replies, "Two-thousand five-hundred and sixty seconds."
"네." 젊은 여성이 대답한다. "이천 오백 육십 초요."

Elise opens the search function on the left window and types in the address.
엘리제는 왼편의 창에 검색 기능을 띄우고는 주소를 입력한다.
The start button on the timer makes a faint clicking noise as it is pressed.
타이머의 시작 버튼을 누르자 희미한 딸깍이는 소리가 난다.
Page not found.
페이지 찾을 수 없음.

"Reset the timer."
"타이머 초기화시켜."

"Yes ma'am."

Page not found.
페이지 찾을 수 없음.

Elise leans back in her seat and lets a sigh escape.
엘리제는 의자에 기대어 앉고는 한숨을 내쉰다.

"It was a good hypothesis."
"괜찮은 가설이었는데 말이에요."

She chuckles a bit. "Yes, but being a good idea doesn't mean that it was right. 'The Missing File Number.' Heh. Seems a bit silly now that I think about it. There's still one thing that doesn't quite line up though…"
조금 낄낄거린다. "그래, 하지만 좋은 생각이었다고 옳은 생각이 되는 건 아니지. '사라진 파일 번호'라. 헤. 이제와서 생각해 보니 꽤나 웃기네. 그래도 뭔가 맞지 않는게 딱 하나 있어…"

"Something that you can't put your finger on?"
"분명하게 지적할 수 없는 그런 건가요?"

"No, nothing like that. It's just that all the secondary documentation I read about oh thirty-three would indicate that, in order to activate the effects, the number or symbol would need to represent the value to the person writing it down. If someone did fill in this hypothetical slot, they would have to have picked something which could clearly represent oh thirty-three. The file number would make the most sense to represent it as long as we're not having someone create a custom character, and doing that would probably break all of our systems."
"아니, 그런 건 아니야. 그냥 내가 읽어본 공삼삼에 대한 이차 문서들은, 그 효과를 활성화시키기 위해서는 그 숫자나 기호를 쓰는 사람에게 의미가 있어야 한다고 하거든. 만약 누군가 이 가상의 항목을 채워넣었다면, 공삼삼을 분명히 나타내는 무언가를 선택했을 거야. 독자적인 방식을 만들어냈다면 시스템 전체를 망가뜨렸을 테니, 그 무언가는 분명 파일 번호일테고."

"Maybe math's just being picky and is attributing the file number to the file itself."
"아니면 수학이 까다롭게 굴어서

Elise continues to skim the document, looking for something she might have missed.
"Wait a second."

(designated Theta Prime by Prof. Hutchinson)

"Liz, reset that timer one more time."

"You got it."


WARNING! Security protocols have automatically disconnected this workstation from all virtual networks. As a necessary component of your viewing of this document, this workstation and all nearby devices and writing media will self-destruct within 2560 seconds.

Item #: SCP-θ'

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All information about Document SCP-i is to be contained in Document SCP-θ'. Document SCP-i is never to be referred to outside of this document.█████ is never to be referred to under any circumstances. Document SCP-i does not officially exist. This document does not officially exist.

Description: SCP-θ' designates Document SCP-i, a nonstandard piece of Foundation documentation which is dedicated to recording the Special Containment Procedures and description of █████.█████is an informational construct with severe counterconceptual and infohazardous effects. As such, information about █████ and, by extension, Document SCP-i, is highly virulent and becomes more hazardous with increased volumes.

When left in a stable state, information about █████ and SCP-i have a tendency to auto-replicate, increasing its hazardous traits and the possibility of mnesticized individuals coming into contact with that information. Because of this, all information about █████ and SCP-i has been stored in this document due to its naturally self-containing nature.

Following initial identification of an early iteration of █████, Document SCP-i was filed under the number ███. After an indeterminate amount of time, █████ was able to fully infect Document SCP-i through the information stored there.█████ was able to inflict a currently unknown number of casualties on Counterconceptual Division personnel1 before the current containment procedures were implemented. Please see Incident Report: NIGHT MIRROR for more information.

"Hmm. Interesting."

"Interesting, yes. But I can't say that there's much usable information in there," Liz replied.

"Sure there is."


"There's plenty of information, you just have to find it. See, now we know that there is something that we're not supposed to be able to know about. We know that information about it has some kind of bleed effect. And we know that there's another big question we should be asking about this."

"And what's that?"

"What is the Counterconceptual Division, and why don't we know about it?"

"Maybe it's defunct. Or maybe it's disinformation, and we don't have one."

"Most people would say that don't have an Antimemetics Division either."

Liz stops and ponders this for a moment.
"I need to go tell Wheeler, don't I?"

"Yes, and I'm coming too. This whole experiment was my idea, after all."

"Alright. Just one more thing before we go."

"What's that?"

"What is today's date?"

"Oh, that's easy. Today is…" Elise hesitates. "Sorry, what was the question again?"

"What is today's date?"

"Oh, it's… When is it? When?, who?, what?, how?, why?, where?…"

Liz watches as the wrinkles smooth out and color returns to the hair of the disoriented woman in front of her. Turning back the clock does wonders for someone's looks.

"Sorry love, can't have you interfering just yet. Too dangerous for you."

Elise begins to spasm and groan in the chair.

"I wish that I didn't have to age you so far back. With a normal researcher, I could just send you back a few hours. But you've been on mnestics for, what, almost two decades now? And I have to get all of them out of your system to make sure that you can't remember."

Elise's muscles relax as the changes begin to slow.

"Now come on, let's get you to Wheeler. You have quite a bit of catching up to do. On the bright side, you were almost ready when you joined, so it shouldn't take too much for them to get you trained back up." As she half-supports, half-lifts the newly young woman out the door and down the hall, a small smile escapes the lips of Elizabeth Day.