Summarized Timeline

Summarized timeline of research on the trait of general art, extracted from the report <Abnormal Nature Of General Art And Discussion About Further Stance Of The Foundation> by Dr. █████ ████

17██: The Council of [Redacted](will be mentioned as 'the organization') designated music and fine art as Magic categorized with good, public, instinct and neutral. With ignorant minor mental effect by art, only anomalous creation and anartists were under observation. Normal artists were considered as potential wizards.


18██: SCP-XXXX was discovered. Yet the subject wasn't considered as abnormal species, it couldn't attract the organization nor the Foundation.

18██: Chemical compounds causing compulsion was detected in the spore of SCP-XXXX. The organization designated SCP-XXXX as Magical Creature categorized with global, infection, compulsion and mental disease while the Foundation considered the new compounds as normal psychotropic and ignored. The organization also designated general art as magic, extending the past designation.

19██: The Foundation designated art as anomaly, as there's no scientific explanation for the effect of art on human. Though art itself might be anomalous, Ethics Committee indicated, it's just mild touching to mind which make the human society better so it shouldn't be treated like other anomaly. It was accepted and general artistic creation was considered as normal social activity. The Foundation targeted for something directly effects the reality just as before.

19██: The organization found the connection between SCP-XXXX and art. There were several attempts of maneuver to exterminate art by some extremists who were influenced by GOC but the Foundation successfully prevent the global suppression to the artists. While the operation, the Foundation noticed the existence of the organization. Extremists were expelled from the organization for exposure to the Foundation and attempts for massive social disorder. Most of them were captured and executed but the whole branch of the organization in China was already under control of extremists and absorbed to GOC, with the knowledge that art itself is anomalous. With support of GOC, their maneuver was successfully done in China and the Chinese government suppressed art through about 10 years.

19██: GOC overthrew the organization and so called "wizards" who denied the stance of GOC escaped and joined The Foundation or other group. About art, the Foundation could get information on anomalous art like the authors of SCP-1019 who once were the members of the organization, They also helped fabricate the result of the research about art and SCP-XXXX to deceive GOC. GOC stopped their destructive attempts on art.1

19██: Art was sorted as the result of SCP-XXXX and containment procedure for whole art was established but the side effect wasn't bearable for the human society. The Foundation gave up to suppress the whole art and began to follow former decision again.

19██: A famous painter C█████ was secured as he showed late stage of Phase-4 but there was no sign of infection at all. He created anomalous painting which has the same nature of SCP-XXXX-p-6 but perfectly safe. Also, he has high resistance against anomalous effect in forms of fine art but no anomaly was found on him. A theory that anomaly in art form might be just also expansion of pure artistic expression without other additional anomalous element became persuadable and it was suggested that C█████ just had pure talent and insight on fine art without any anomaly. He was recruited as an agent to secure and contain anomalous piece of art. For more details, refer to Incident XXXX-7. Also, it was confirmed that art itself wasn't originated from SCP-XXXX.

19██: Researchers from the organization could develop a practical theory to figure out the trace of SCP-XXXX on art. It was confirmed that many artistic creations were not the result of SCP-XXXX but the youngest one without connection of SCP-XXXX except for the work of C█████ was a fork song which was rewritten in 18██.

19██: It was confirmed that artistic talent can also give minor resistance against the effect anomalous art. Research to maximize the resistance like agent C█████ has was begun.

19██: Pi-59, the first Mobile Task Force with personnels who have talent on music was established. (Omitted) Also, MTF Pi-51 for fine art was established. (Omitted)

20██: The Foundation suspended the research on art itself with the conclusion that SCP-XXXX has monopolized the source of artistic inspiration for its great competitiveness and began to focus on SCP-XXXX. Finance for searching new artist without SCP-XXXX infection was highly decreased.

20██: MTF Pi-47 for movie was established. (Omitted)